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Will Cisco new Organization make a difference?

August 24, 2009

At the beginning of August, John Chambers in a Wall Street Intereview, announced deep changes at Cisco.
Cisco has been a model of management both in the relationship with clients and partners, and in the successful acquisition of companies. It is tru that the world changes and so Cisco does. It is true that most Chambers management ideas have been successful, but the deep changes introduced this time are of consideration.
They will affect the way channels are managed, they will affect who the analysts (Forrester and the like) name as their competitors, they will affect alliances with companies such as Microsoft, they will affect some of the very large, global clients,… they will even affect the general public, as they have become Cisco’s target as well.
There are a large number of discussions on this issue, I have included the ones I though more interesting
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Adroid’s Opportunity against Apple?

August 6, 2009

China Mobile, the largest worldwide mobile operator (measured by number of subscribers) is launching its 3G operations with the Ophone, which runs Android Operating System. On the mean time, China Unicom, is finalizing an agreement with Apple, and it will be an exclusivity agreement

China Mobile adds between 5 and 7 Million subscribers a month while China Unicom adds between 1 and 2 million subscribers (measured during the last six months).

Smart phones account for approximately 10% of the 2G subscribers (or 0,8-1 Million new smart phones a month!!!!!). But with the launching of 3G is expected to increase this percentage, as it did in western countries and Korea.

To have an idea of what this means, bear in mind that at the US, phones based on Android have reached 1 Million new phones over six months. In China, Android based phones could easily reach a million a month.

You could also read about Android and iPhone in China at Comment1 Comment2 Comment3

China could be the battleground of the new generation of US based mobile solutions


Spotify challenges Apple’s iTunes

August 4, 2009

Spotify is the company that most analists believe could challange the dominance of iTunes at the digital music business.

Today, Financial Times (FT) confirms that Spotify got a strong backing by a number of high profile investors.

You can learn more on Spotify at WordPress  and about some of its latest innovations at some other blogs (one and two)


MIPS are death, Megabits/connectivity becomes the law

May 23, 2009

As Gigaoam puts it “My COMMputing (Communications+computing) view of the world puts the speed of the networks and the availability of connectivity at a level higher than the raw oomph of a processor or the capacity of a memory chip”

and though most of the people do not recognized it in a formal way, it is true that MIPs were the key performance metrics. However, now we all ask whether you have this or that ammoung of megabits of your communications. We have moved from a world were the bottleneck used to be the power of computers to a world were the bottleneck is the speed of our connectivity.

Will it affect the value of companies in the market, and those helping connectivity will succeed in market cap, while those centeered in computer power will slowly become uninteresting stocks?


Will Spain Manage to change its productive model? …

May 19, 2009

President Rodriguez Zapatero at “El Debate del Estado de la Nacion”  insisted (as he has done in the last months) that there is a need to change the Spanish Production Model. It is assumed by most people, and confirmed by MP’s speeches, that he means to change towads a more technology related, higher productivity society.

Till this point, most Spaniards will agree.

However, I would ask Ministra Cristina Garmendia, tghe Scientific and Technology Spanish Minister (and a former top executive at bio companies) whether she agrees that the President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is moving in that direction. Last week, the Government approved a reduction of this year budget. They approved to reduce a bit over 1 Billion Euros.

Here comes the surprise: around 500 Million Euros will come out of the Science and Technology ministry of Cristina Garmendia. Another 200 (roughly) will come from Defense Ministry. That will mean to suspend or drastically reduce a number of technology development and technology deployment projects, especially of those related with Biotech and ICT. And that will happen directly by aborting some of Garmendia’s plans, and by stopping technology purchases by Defense (obviously, Defense will not stop paying salaries or reducing the food for soldiers, so it has to come out from their purchasing budget, and thus, from the technology related activities).

So far for the Spanish Government desire to change the economic model of their country.