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Microsoft losses a key UC exec to Cisco

September 23, 2009

Debra Chrapaty who was leading the infrastructure business at Microsoft is leving to Cisco. She was leading a good group of new technologies at Microsoft (Windowslive, Online Services, the Cloud,…).

Se is going to lead the collaboration Technologies at Cisco, which could include  from Telepresence to ToIP or Web-Ex.

In a way, Debra was holding a position in which whe was overlooking the next source of business and coherence of a new range of Microsoft services and products. Now she is going to do the same to with a key competitor and partner of Microsoft: Cisco.

The area of collaboration, as Cisco names it, is going to be the higher growing area of business of those that become key in the products and services of the new interconnected world

… Microsoft is a giant with many talented people, but this move by Debra is not a nice piece of news for the Seattle company