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Adroid’s Opportunity against Apple?

August 6, 2009

China Mobile, the largest worldwide mobile operator (measured by number of subscribers) is launching its 3G operations with the Ophone, which runs Android Operating System. On the mean time, China Unicom, is finalizing an agreement with Apple, and it will be an exclusivity agreement

China Mobile adds between 5 and 7 Million subscribers a month while China Unicom adds between 1 and 2 million subscribers (measured during the last six months).

Smart phones account for approximately 10% of the 2G subscribers (or 0,8-1 Million new smart phones a month!!!!!). But with the launching of 3G is expected to increase this percentage, as it did in western countries and Korea.

To have an idea of what this means, bear in mind that at the US, phones based on Android have reached 1 Million new phones over six months. In China, Android based phones could easily reach a million a month.

You could also read about Android and iPhone in China at Comment1 Comment2 Comment3

China could be the battleground of the new generation of US based mobile solutions


Spotify challenges Apple’s iTunes

August 4, 2009

Spotify is the company that most analists believe could challange the dominance of iTunes at the digital music business.

Today, Financial Times (FT) confirms that Spotify got a strong backing by a number of high profile investors.

You can learn more on Spotify at WordPress  and about some of its latest innovations at some other blogs (one and two)


Schmidt departure from Apple… more of Google into mainstream

August 4, 2009

Few days ago, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started an investigation on why a Google application was blocked from working on Apple’s iPhone.  Few months ago the US FTC started an investigation into directorships, including the Board of Apple.

Yesterday, Schmidt, CEO of Google leaves Apple’s Board.

This is another confirmation that Google is coming onto the main street of Sw/Hw PC industry. The announcement of Android and then of Chrome OS operating system is placing Google in direct competition with not only Microsoft, but Apple and a number of other relevant players.

This is a challenge that could mean the beginning of a major dominance or the beginning of becoming a mature player not longer that aggressively innovator


Yahoo, Microsoft, Google Crhome, Bing …?

July 29, 2009

FT (Financial Times) opens today with the tittles
Microsoft and Yahoo close to partnership
Online Alliance could rival Google

This is related to many references and discussions that are increasing the boost of the two main rival trademarks Google and Yahoo, as discussed at
The final subject and result is not jet clear, even on the two companies. However, what is clear is that both are looking to build the next leading position in a market that will mix PCs, Net PCs, Web2.0, Mobile terminals in a way that is still to be created by leading users.


Cayenne & Touareg – a merger like Porche and VW?

July 27, 2009

Those “aficionado” engineers debating on which one was a better solution: Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg, may encounter an unexpected final.

Both cars, Touareg and Cayenne were developed together and in alliance. Then each company finished their own vehicle up to tailor it to their market audiences. But a good part of the engineering was developed together.

However, if you drive one or the other, you will feel clear differences in performance (and not only in engine performance). Their behaviour is different in the sands or the snow, at quick roads and on mointain roads. “Aficionados” have been discussing about the advantages of each vehicle.

Now that the battle between Porshe and VW is towards the beginning of the end, and given that the initial takeover of VW by Porsche is transforming itself into a VW takeover of Porsche, one should ask which model will prevail.

The subject is raising so much discussion that even Financial Times (FT) has just published an editorial on the matter