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Spotify challenges Apple’s iTunes

August 4, 2009

Spotify is the company that most analists believe could challange the dominance of iTunes at the digital music business.

Today, Financial Times (FT) confirms that Spotify got a strong backing by a number of high profile investors.

You can learn more on Spotify at WordPress  and about some of its latest innovations at some other blogs (one and two)


“Sony Pictures CEO hates the Internet”

May 17, 2009

I’m starting whith a news from that has called my attention. “Sony Pictures CEO hates the Internet” by Dave Rosenberg.

I can`t say much about it, I simply recommend you to read it. And to open your appetite on this article, here goes a bit of it:

“I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything good having come from the Internet…(The Internet) created this notion that anyone can have whatever they want at any given time. It’s as if the stores on Madison Avenue were open 24 hours a day. They feel entitled. They say, ‘Give it to me now,’ and if you don’t give it to them for free, they’ll steal it.” Read the whole story at: