Cayenne & Touareg – a merger like Porche and VW?

July 27, 2009

Those “aficionado” engineers debating on which one was a better solution: Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg, may encounter an unexpected final.

Both cars, Touareg and Cayenne were developed together and in alliance. Then each company finished their own vehicle up to tailor it to their market audiences. But a good part of the engineering was developed together.

However, if you drive one or the other, you will feel clear differences in performance (and not only in engine performance). Their behaviour is different in the sands or the snow, at quick roads and on mointain roads. “Aficionados” have been discussing about the advantages of each vehicle.

Now that the battle between Porshe and VW is towards the beginning of the end, and given that the initial takeover of VW by Porsche is transforming itself into a VW takeover of Porsche, one should ask which model will prevail.

The subject is raising so much discussion that even Financial Times (FT) has just published an editorial on the matter


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